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Installing a water cooler in your home or your company is a healthy and sensible way to provide your staff and customers or your family with filtered, perfectly pure water. Whatever the type or model, water dispensers come at a cost. In addition, regular maintenance such as changing the filtration cartridge, for example, is recommended, and it also has a price. This is why you may want to consider renting your water cooler, for peace of mind and cost efficiency.


Buying a water cooler is of course possible, but many water companies offer interesting, all-inclusive rental contracts. Installation of plumbed-in dispensers  costs around £100, while replacement water bottle s come at £3 to £6 plus VAT. If you rent your water dispenser, delivery and installation are likely to be free, and sometimes bottles are also included. Maintenance costs, repairs and replacement parts are covered, and when the dispenser becomes obsolete, it is replaced with a new one.


Therefore, buying a water cooler may not always be the best option. If you intend, for instance, to install several water dispensers in your company, then renting is certainly preferable. It is a more cost-effective, flexible solution which will guarantee your peace of mind. As a matter of fact, on the long run maintenance costs may add up to a lot of money. Assess your needs, and don’t hesitate to ask for estimates accordingly: most manufacturers will offer more than one option, from permanent purchase to all-inclusive rental, where maintenance costs may be covered for all the duration of the contract.


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