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How to finance a coffee machine for your business?

Leasing a coffee machine is cheaper than purchasing, and will also allow you to get the latest technology without additional expense.

Buying a new coffee machine is expensive, especially high end commercial models.  Leasing a coffee machine , on the other hand, offers a fixed-term contract that allows you to use the equipment exactly as if you had bought it, for small monthly payments. Whilst it remains the property of the leasing company for the duration of the agreement, you benefit from parts and labour warranties and free upgrades.

Why leasing is smart

Leasing is the most cost effective way to operate a coffee machine. Given the following benefits, it’s easy to see why leasing is such a popular alternative to outright purchase:

- No large initial outlay

- Predictable monthly payments

- Maintenance and repairs included

- Trade in and upgrade

- Free delivery and installation

- Special offers (free consumables, etc)

- Tax reimbursement

Though a typical lease is two or three years, it is also possible to lease for shorter periods. And free trial periods are sometimes available.

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