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Why would you need a coffee machine for the office? For many of us a workday without coffee is simply unimaginable. Offering good quality coffee to your employees is an effective motivational tool and also helps prevent them from venturing outside the office to get their fix. And if you receive customers at your premises, offering them a decent cup of coffee is a relatively inexpensive way to make a great first impression.

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Basic coffee machine choices for your office

Choosing the right office coffee machine will come down to an evaluation of budget verses the type of machine you wish to have. And there is a great deal of choice on the market:

  • Coffee vending machines are free-standing (table top coffee machines are also available) and serve a variety of hot drinks. You have the ability to set prices or offer a free vending service if desired. The types of drinks and coffee brands can be agreed with your supplier.
  • Filter, pod and capsule coffee machines are well adapted to the workplace. If space is tight and your office includes a kitchen, these hot drinks machines provide a great solution.
  • Specialty coffee makers are top-of the-range models that work like regular vending machines that offer higher quality coffee. Some will even grind fresh coffee as part of the process, known as a bean-to-cup coffee machine.
  • Professional or industrial coffee machines used to only be seen in cafes and restaurants. But large businesses may find these provide excellent coffee for a very small price per cup.

Coffee machines for offices: what do they cost?

Obviously the cost of your business coffee machine will depend on the level of sophistication you wish to purchase or rent. Coffee machine costs can be broken into two: the purchase price and the operating costs (servicing, restocking, consumables, rental fees). If you are buying outright, prices vary from under £100 for a small pod or capsule machine coffee machine, to many thousands for a specialised industrial device. If renting, you may have to pay a one-off installation price, with rental prices ranging from a few pence to a few pounds per day.

Should you buy or rent your coffee machines?

Many businesses find that renting a coffee machine for office use is more cost-effective in the long run, especially with large commercial machines that can cost thousands of pounds to purchase outright. A rental contract offers predictable payments and comes with maintenance and the option for consumables to be delivered. This is also a great solution for events and exhibitions, where the machine is only needed for a short length of time. However, for small office coffee machines it probably makes more sense to buy the machine outright and shop around for the best price on coffee and consumables when you need to restock.