Compare Quotes for Buying or Leasing Printers & Copiers
Compare Quotes for Buying or Leasing Printers & Copiers
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Copiers and printers: Financing your printer photocopier

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Printer photocopiers may be relatively expensive equipment, but buying your own could yield major returns. The right machine will save your business precious time and help generate profits.

Buying your printer photocopier

First you need to sift the offers available on the market, looking closely at features, cost, service plans as well as any brand affinities or recommendations you may have had. The good news for business consumers like you is that suppliers are numerous and therefore choice is abundant.

The most common places to buy a printer or photocopier are the following:

  • High Street retailers such as PC World, Currys or even Tesco. Here will you find a range of different brands, although choice will be limited by the size of the store and products are generally more suited to the home market or low-volume needs. Most will offer free delivery and you will have greater choice if you buy through their online stores.
  • Online where you will generally find a superior range of products from Web retailers such as Amazon, where you can easily compare features.

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Renting your printer photocopier

Reasons to rent a photocopier printer are numerous: you run a small office where space is tight, or don’t have fixed premises at all; you’re trying to conserve capital; you only print large volumes of documents occasionally. These are some of the most common justifications for renting your photocopying or printing solution.

Printer-photocopier rental companies offer you the option to choose a short- or long-term agreement. Your contract will include delivery, set up, installation, servicing and all financial invoicing, so don’t need to give a second thought to running your printers and photocopiers.

Additional benefits include the following:

  • You’ll face no large upfront payment
  • You can choose the length of your rental contract
  • You retain the flexibility to upgrade or change your printer copier
  • Rental contracts are easy to budget for
  • All servicing and maintenance visits are included
  • Business machinery rental costs are tax-deductible

Leasing your printer photocopier

No matter what type of machine you’re looking for, leasing offers many benefits:

  • It’s easy to upgrade your machinery or software.
  • Service and maintenance are included in your contract.
  • Deals o consumables such as ink and toners can also be included in your contract.
  • Predictable monthly payments are easy to budget for.
  • Second-hand photocopiers and printers can be leased at bargain rates.
  • Short-term printing equipment leases are available
  • You can get all the features you would find in machine you purchased.
  • You can buy your printer or photocopier at a discount at the end of your lease.
  • Tax rebates are available on leased business equipment.
  • You choose the length of your lease, payment terms, upgrades and training.
  • You are not shouldered with depreciating machinery.

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