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Compare Quotes for Buying or Leasing Printers & Copiers
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Copiers and printers: A review of photocopier prices

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Most modern photocopiers are in fact multi-function printers (MFPs) which can scan and print documents as well as copy them. Yet, as technologies and functionalities vary, so does the price. Depending on the model you choose, the options you add and the way you pay for it, the price of a photocopier may vary from as low as £100 to more than £100,000.

Assessing your needs

Depending on your company’s profile and the tasks you intend to use your photocopier for, you will not pay the same price. There are also additional costs to take into account, if you need certain options.

Multi-function printers

MFPs are the most complete solution with a scanner, a printer and sometimes a fax machine. They are therefore generally high-end, more expensive products. Popular freestanding models cost between £2,500 and £4,500, and are able to copy around 50 pages per minute. For comparison, entry-level machines cost £800-£1,000, but only produce 30 pages per minute, which is just enough for small offices of not more than 10 employees. In general, prices rise with the page-per-minute rate. Super heavy-duty machines which offer up to 100 pages per minute and work round the clock cost up to £100,000.

Desktop photocopier prices

These smaller units may also be MFPs, but they’ll be slower and have a smaller paper tray. They fit on a desk or counter, and are generally simple to operate. Very basic models with low resolution start at around £100. They’re only able to process 20 pages per minute. Technologically speaking, they’re often of the ink-jet type, which makes them suited for small volumes of copies.

Related costs

In addition to the photocopier’s price itself, you should take into account all other related costs. For example, high-end MFPs can be equipped with staplers, document folders or other finishing tools, which obviously come at a cost. Likewise, before choosing your unit, it’s important to understand that although laser copiers are more expensive than ink-jet ones, the toner they use is a lot cheaper than ink cartridges for large volumes of copies or prints.

Photocopier prices

How to get the best photocopier prices?

As photocopiers may be expensive items, it’s important to study alternative ways of acquiring them. Outright purchase isn’t the only option, nor is buying a brand new machine.


By renting your copier, you’ll save yourself trouble and money. Usually, rental contracts run for 1-5 years, but shorter periods also exist if you need a printer for a specific, one-off job. Most of the time, maintenance is included in the monthly or quarterly rental fee, and sometimes toner or ink refills are included too. This allows your company to benefit from all the services of a printer, without the need to shell out a large amount of money at once.

Lease purchase

This method is quite similar to renting, except that at the end of the contract you don’t return the unit, you own it. Leasing a £1,000 machine will then cost you around £20 a month for a 5-year contract. This is perfect for small businesses as it spreads the price of a photocopier over a long period of time, thus putting no strain on the company’s finances.

Second-hand units

Most suppliers offer refurbished, second-hand machines, especially if you shop online. From desktop photocopiers to higher-end models, taking the time to shop around may help you save between 25% and 75% of the market price for a brand new machine. Photocopiers and accessories are of course guaranteed for at least a year.

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