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Top 6 photocopier suppliers in the UK

If you intend to install a photocopier in your company, choosing the right machine is essential. So many models and services exist that the price range is very wide, from £100 to £100,000. Therefore, comparing photocopier suppliers and manufacturers will help you find the machine which will precisely suit your needs, at the best price.

 Photocopier suppliers

Choosing a photocopier: technology and services

When purchasing a copier, the first elements to consider are the price of course, but also the features which will correspond to the unit’s intended use. As there are several types of photocopier, it’s important to understand technological as well as financial differences.

Choosing a model

Entry-level photocopiers such as desktop units or the most basic freestanding models may cost as little as £100, but their page-per-minute rate is relatively low, around 30 pages per minute, enough for home use or small offices. In general, multi-function printers (MFPs), which are able to scan and print as well as copy, start around £2,000 for mid-range machines processing up to 60 pages per minute with a good resolution. These machines suit most companies, but technologically advanced models for copy professionals are much faster and more expensive, sometimes reaching £100,000.

Additional features

Black and white models are understandably cheaper than colour ones, while finishing tools such as staplers or document folders add up to the basic price. The more expensive laser photocopiers need toner, which is cheaper than ink refills for ink-jet machines. Therefore, these latter models are more appropriate for large volumes of colour prints.


UK’s main photocopier suppliers

Most manufacturers are also photocopier suppliers. Likewise, it is often possible to buy online, which reduces overheads and cost. Photocopiers are quite easy to refurbish, so second-hand machines are very popular and offer the same services as brand new models, for a fraction of the price.


Brother is a century-old Japanese photocopier supplier. It specializes in smaller models for personal use or small businesses, but its products are versatile and economically priced. For instance, the MFC-9460CDN costs just £478 in the UK and is packed with features far beyond what one would imagine at such a low price.


Also a Japanese company, Canon has been on top of the photocopier suppliers market for the past 28 years. Canon offers interesting lease contracts for mid-level to professional machines. Prices start at £1870, up to £17,000.

Konica Minolta

This company is a well-known photocopier supplier, famous for its multi-function printers. Its products are well regarded in the UK, in particular for their usability: users don’t have to learn an entirely new technology when they upgrade or change their photocopier. Prices are between £500 and £25,000, for all company sizes.


Ricoh was founded in Japan, 1936. An environmentally and ethically proactive company, Ricoh’s customer services are described as “outstanding”. Entry-level units start at £130, but more elaborate models are also on offer.


For small offices, Sharp offers interesting solutions with its MFPs. Prices are quite high, with models processing 26 pages per minute starting at £3,600.


Xerox is an American company which became so synonymous with photocopying that the brand name has entered the language as an antonomasia, meaning… to photocopy, whatever brand of copier is used. Entry-level models start at around £200.

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