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Are there anti-theft POS systems?

Indeed, there are some ePOS software solutions which make it possible to monitor and secure points of sale with CCTV cameras. The till must be connected to the CCTV system. When it’s the case, it’s possible to record CCTV surveillance videos and then play a specific timeframe by using the sales receipt. 

By connecting your ePOS system or till equipped with relevant software and a CCTV system (with traditional cameras or webcams), you can also monitor anything that’s happening where cameras are installed in real time (for example in blind spots or on other floors), while constantly remaining behind the till. By moving the camera lens remotely, you can keep an eye on your premises and keep overseeing customer checkouts at the same time. 

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Another system can be used to protect a point of sale against robbery. It’s about using safe tills, or more precisely safe cash drawers, called cash recyclers. Customers insert notes and coins directly into the cash recycler connected to the point-of-sale system. The safe can only  be opened when the shop is closed, and it’s also possible to entrust a cash-in-transit company to collect the receipts. 

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