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How long does it take to train the staff to use the Epos system?

Epos training is an absolutely essential part of your decision to buy an Electronic Point of Sale system. Training time will therefore have to be included in your Epos installation agenda, before you and your staff can actually start using it. And because Epos training can only start after the system has been installed, it has to be considered as an addition to the time needed for the installation, not as a simultaneous part of it.


Several factors will help businesses determine how long this Epos training will need to last for their installation:

- How many staff members will actually have to use the system, and will therefore need to be trained?

- How advanced the Epos system is, what reporting features need to be mastered, how many devices are used, etc?

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After these essential aspects have been reviewed, businesses will generally have two options which they can consider: remote training and on-site training. Some providers offer the former as part of the packages, some also offer the latter, but many offer none, and you’ll have to pay extra to get this necessary training - sometimes it’s actually an obligation even if you claim you are a computer geek.

Bearing this in mind, Epos training may last:

- In case of remote training, one to three hours per trainee;

- In case of on-site training, one or two days, with group sessions available.


However, after formal training is over, it will take every staff member at least two to four weeks of daily use to be completely comfortable with all the system features.

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