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Does the Epos provider also provide support?

Businesses switching from a traditional point of sale system to an electronic point of sale system, especially when they have little technical knowledge, will be very concerned about the issue of Epos support. Thankfully, most Epos providers provide Epos support service but this service can be more or less complete.


The first question is to know whether the Epos support will be handled by the provider, or by the user community, as is sometimes the case with free Epos software.


The second question is to know whether the support is remote, and if so, exactly when and how it can be reached (phone or just e-mail), or if it can also be on-site. Many providers actually outsource their support service, so it’s a good idea to enquire exactly who is doing the on-site or remote support. If a provider is also a software developer, it’s a good hint that they will know their systems better than others.

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Epos support can be free, paid, or free with limitations in time or on services. For instance, on-site support may be included or not, and for a specific time or not.


Epos hardware will usually be covered by some sort of warranty, but you’ll like to check whether a provider warranty adds up to the manufacturer’s warranty, and how long these warranties last.


No matter the Epos support or warranty, most providers make it clear that user data is left at the sole responsibility of the user, and strongly urge businesses to do their own regular, secure backups.

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