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It has been statistically proven that having a water cooler in your office is healthier for employees, who then perform their duties for longer periods. Tap water may taste bad, or even be unsuitable for drinking, but water coolers, either bottled  or mains-fed , always supply pure, filtered water. Apart from the obvious necessity of remaining well-hydrated throughout the day, installing a water cooler in your office will have many benefits.


If fresh, quality water is available for free, your staff will be less likely to grab a soda full of sugar from a vending machine . Water dispenser come with hot and cold water faucets, which gives them great flexibility, at the fraction of a hot drink machine’s cost. Water also increases brain activity, and speeds up metabolism, while reducing hunger. If your employees do a lot of speaking, over the phone for instance, easy access to water will prevent them from getting a dry mouth.


A water cooler eliminates the need for a staff kitchen, as a hot/cold unit will enable staff to get refreshing drinks, but also to prepare light snacks such as instant soups or noodles. Dispensers are easy to clean  and maintain, and less prone to bacterial build-up than regular kitchen equipment, as they are often sanitized.


Installing a water cooler in your office is usually not expensive at all. You can buy it, of course, but also rent it. There are many models on offer, so you will inevitably find one to suit all your water-related needs, at the best price.


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