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Where should I store the bottles of water and for how long?

Making your choice

Bottled water coolers are one of the many existing solutions to drink pure, clean and filtered water. It’s a hassle-free, sensible option: you buy or rent a dispenser, and ask for the bottles to be delivered to your doorstep. Respecting a few water cooler bottle storage rules will ensure you always benefit from top-quality, healthy water.

One standard 19-litre bottle is enough for 5-10 people a day. This means that a weekly supply of water for a staff of 50 amounts to around 40 bottles. That’s why a sizeable storage room is necessary to keep the bottles away from direct sunlight and chemicals, in a cool and dry atmosphere. Fluorescent light should be avoided as well, so most water delivery companies will provide you with a cover for the bottles.

Water cooler bottle storage requires space, but the bottles’ shelf life is quite high. In appropriate conditions, standard-size bottles will be safe to use for two years. That way, you can store an appreciable quantity of water, which will be free from bacteria and chemicals, and taste perfect.


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