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What are the different coffee machine options in the UK?

The UK market offers a broad range of choices for coffee machines, from simple filtered coffee models to high volume specialty coffee machines. 

There are many suppliers offering high quality  coffee machines to UK offices and businesses, and some very competitive deals to be found when you decide to hire a commercial coffee machine. The deal you are able to get from UK coffee machine suppliers will depend on what sort of need you have to satisfy.

- There are a wide variety of small coffee vending machines available on the market. Some of these are commonly a variant of the familiar domestic coffee machine, but can have professional standard bean-to-cup coffee mechanisms that would not come with coffee.

- If you have a large office or one with a lot of visitors, it is essential that you hire coffee machines that have a large enough capacity to satisfy the needs of all coffee drinkers. Over use of any machine that is not designed for large capacity production could cause premature deterioration of the parts. Items such as a Nescafé coffee machine are usually built to service coffee needs of a large number of people without requiring a lot of maintenance.

- Depending on the taste requirements of the intended consumers, an office vending machine with the ability to offer a variety of hot beverages such as tea and hot chocolate may be what you need. Certain branded machines such as the Nescafé or Kenco vending machines may not offer a wide selection of drinks, so this is certainly something you should look into when considering coffee machines from UK suppliers.

- If you have a large office or if your business is in the food service industry then a large, high capacity business coffee machine would be the best match to your needs. Generally these come with a range of functions and can be used to create a wide variety of hot drinks.

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