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Coffee Machines: Coffee machine leasing

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As heavy-duty, industrial coffee machines can represent a significant initial investment for businesses, many companies are now looking into the leasing alternative. Coffee machine leasing provides many advantages and is now available from a great number of lease providers nationwide, for a long list of coffee machines of all sizes and all types - bean-to-cup machines, espresso machines or traditional machines.

Coffee machine leasing

Advantages of coffee machine leasing

Coffee machine leasing preserves cash flow, ensures the newest equipment is used, and comes in packages together with full service, consumables and accessories.

  • Preserved cash flow

This is the most obvious advantage of any leasing plan. Leasing a coffee machine means businesses don’t need to pay the full cost of the machine, which can be worth thousands of pounds, upfront. Monthly instalments for a fraction of this price cover the cost of usage during the lease. However, interested parties should note that leasing plans carry interests, generally at fixed rates, which need to be paid by the user. But in the end, it is also true that the cost of leasing the equipment is 100% tax-deductible.

  • Brand new equipment

Leasing plans also allow users to change the coffee machine they use quite quickly, which means they can always have the most up-to-date machine at no extra cost. Depending on the lease provider, the period during which the machine can be changed to another model with no fee can vary.

  • Full servicing, consumables and accessories plans

One great trump card of coffee machine leasing is that customers usually don’t get the machine only, but a full package including service, consumables and accessories. Plans may include installation, water filters, free ingredients for thousands of drinks, takeaway cups and lids saucers, and most importantly... coffee!

Coffee machine leasing: providers and prices

Coffee machines can be leased from a large number of providers, offering many models at affordable prices - customers are usually billed on a weekly basis.

  • Coffee machine lease providers

There is quite a few lease providers now in the United Kingdom. Reputed specialists include:

- Logic Vending,

- Jurang Fair trade,

- Nationwide Coffee,

- Cool beans coffee,

- Coffee machine guru,

- Edensprings,

- And many others which can be found in our listings. 

  • Examples of leasing plan prices

Although many parameters such as brewing time, capacity, and duty cycles (or the number of cups which can be brewed in a month) need to be taken into account to know the actual cost of leasing a machine, several examples can be given to get a rough idea of the fees related to coffee machine leasing:

- 1-group, simple espresso machines can be as cheap as £14 per week;

- Bean-to-cup machines will cost at least twice as much,

- 3-group or 4-group espresso machines will cost more than £30 a week to lease;

- Large coffee-vending machines may cost up to £50 per week.