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Commercial cleaning: What cleaning services are offered to businesses?

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As they are an essential aspect of a healthy working environment and in compliance with hygiene standards, premises cleaning services are mainly aimed at companies in the tertiary sector and include two main families of services: routine tasks and special works.

Who are the cleaning services designed for?

Cleaning services mainly involve maintenance, cleaning and restoration of the common areas. These cleaning services are usually designed for companies in the tertiary sector such as:

  • Ofices
  • Administrative premises
  • Sports facilities
  • Shopping centres....
  • ... as well as public, local and regional authorities, such as schools or nurseries.

Routine cleaning operations

 The current cleaning cycle of premises and professional infrastructure includes a number of basic operations such as:

  • Vacuuming of dirt and debris,
  • Dusting of furniture and PC screens,
  • Floor cleaning,
  • Emptying garbage cans and replacing bags,
  • Cleaning and disinfection of toilets, surfaces and floors,
  • Cleaning of ventilation ducts,
  • Wall maintenance,
  • Maintenance and disinfection of common areas: meeting rooms, break rooms, cafeteria....

These cleaning operations require different types of equipment, from the most classic (vacuum cleaners, cloths...) to the most specialized (scrubbers, brushes...). 

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Cleaning services: special works

They are part of a second level of cleaning, more meticulous, which takes into account the specificities of each infrastructure.

The tasks performed are mainly:

  • Cleaning and drying of windows,
  • Maintenance of green spaces: this includes collecting waste and debris such as paper, glass, etc.,
  • Facade renovation: this is carried out by specialised companies which work with high-pressure cleaners that propel sand,
  • Soil restoration (degreasing of stains, pickling, polishing, crystallization...).

On the latter point, depending on the size of the premises and the floor area, the equipment may vary from one company to another. For example, for the maintenance of the floors of a large shopping centre, the staff uses single-disc machines. This work requires additional expenses. Compare them, provider by provider, upon receipt of the quotes you have requested.