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Window cleaning: techniques, costs and service providers

Some specific problems (high-rise buildings, many bay windows...) require the intervention of professionals specialized in window cleaning. What are the services offered? The techniques used? How much does it cost?

Specialized window cleaning: services and techniques

Washing high and/or difficult to access windows

Cleaning windows located high up requires very specific equipment: nacelles, scaffolding or ropes. The complexity of this type of window cleaning (hazardous access, fragile glazing, etc.) makes it the preserve of specialized companies employing efficient and experienced qualified technicians.

Washing windows with osmosis water

While most window cleaning companies use conventional methods (water and cleaning products, ecological or not), others use pure water treatment techniques. The operation requires no chemicals, only osmosis water (99% pure), free of salts and able to dissolve impurities that are then discharged by the flow. This ecological technique has the advantage of not leaving any film that can catch pollution particles.  Note that it can also be used on aluminium, cladding or solar panels.

How to choose a service provider for window cleaning?

Several criteria can help you find a window cleaning company that can best meet your expectations:

- The services are included in the quote: the more detailed it is, the less likely you are to have unpleasant surprises

- The training and level of experience of the workers

- The quality control: how is it carried out? How often?

- The reactivity of the service provider and its punctuality

- The compliance with current regulations and labour law

- The insurance: check that the company is well insured, a problem happened quickly!

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Professional window cleaning: how much does it cost?

Window cleaner rates depend on several things:

  • The size of the surface to be cleaned, whether the cleaning is done only outside or inside/outside
  • The type of windows: small tiles take much longer to clean than large windows
  • Ease of access (height, configuration) since it affects the equipment used
  • The human resources made available: how many people? With which qualifications?
  • The products used: "classic" or ecological window cleaning products, osmosis water...
  • The frequency (if it is regular, you will undoubtedly be able to negotiate a more attractive rate than for a one-off intervention)

In the end, prices can start at £15 euros per hour for a "basic" service  and go up to more than a hundred pounds.

=> Beware of professionals who charge per m² without knowing the type of glass to clean (height, context...). Indeed, 3 m² of glass windows at ground level are less "expensive" to clean than 3 m² of small tiles located 10 meters high....

 If you own a business and want to have your window cleaned, do not hesitate to ask the same service provider as the neighbouring businesses, because of the proximity, he will certainly be inclined to lower his usual rate.

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