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Floor cleaning: the two-bucket mopping system

The two-bucket mopping system is an effective and fast floor cleaning technique. Used by many cleaning companies for floor maintenance, it saves maintenance technicians time while eliminating 90 % of dust and impurities.

Cleaning the floor with two buckets

Practical, inexpensive and efficient, the technique of manual floor washing with two buckets is used by a very large number of maintenance companies. Easy to set up and economical, it requires very little equipment:

  • A trolley with two buckets on it: a red one containing clear water and a blue one filled with a diluted detergent solution
  • One or several brooms: mop, scrubbing broom....


Nettoyage sol

This floor cleaning technique is easy to perform:

  • Soaking the mop in the blue bucket with the detergent solution.
  • Spinning of the fringes above the red bucket.
  • Wet sweeping: first along walls and under the furniture then moving backwards and forming eights.
  • Rinsing and spinning in the red bucket.
  • Repeat until the surface is clean.




Fast, simple, inexpensive

Requires the use of a detergent (possibility of using ecological products)


90 % dust removal (unlike dry sweeping)

Wet technique which therefore requires a drying time

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