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Commercial cleaning: What is disaster clean up?

Reading time: 1 mins

Fire, water damage, short circuit, and other floods are all disasters that can affect a business premises, a building, offices. The challenge of disaster clean-up is to restore the site quickly and efficiently to good condition. However, special precautions must be observed.

What is disaster clean-up?

In case of fire and electrical short circuits

Disaster clean-up companies first remove debris and burned rubbish.  Soot traces are cleaned and the various surfaces are washed, degreased and polished.

To ensure a healthy environment that is not harmful for the health of the employees, the ambient air has to be renewed. Bad odours and toxic particles must be removed with air fresheners or liquid solutions to treat different surfaces.

In case of flooding and water damage

The disaster cleaning up company evacuates the damaged equipment, sucks up the remaining water through a pumping system, disinfects and dehumidifies the premises completely so that the company can resume its activity.

Nettoyage après sinistre

Cleaning after a disaster: the necessary precautions

If the damage has seriously damaged the building, it is essential to use a specialised service provider. Why? Because only a professional duly trained in the techniques required for post-disaster cleaning can be involved since it requires special precautions such as:

  • The disconnection of the electrical power to avoid the risk of electrocution or the resumption of fire,
  • The verification of the absence of harmful or toxic particles such as those present in chlorine, plastic, resin, PVC, rubber, paints and other coatings applied to floors, walls and furniture.
  • The use of protective eyewear, appropriate clothing, gloves and boots.

The use of a service provider specialized in disaster clean-up represents of course a significant cost, but you will be assured of a complete and carefully carried out work. Contact several cleaning companies to get a personalized quote as soon as possible.