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Commercial cleaning: Construction and building site cleaning services

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Companies involved in construction or renovation projects have a contractual obligation to clean up the premises after their work. Even though it is the final phase before the end of a construction site, cleaning is not the job of construction companies. Cleaning companies have specialized in building site cleaning services, an activity that is sometimes at the heart of disputes when several service providers work on the same site.

Post-construction site cleaning services: the main tasks

Gravel, resin residues, traces of cement, sawdust and other dirt must be cleaned before the delivery of a room, building or apartment. They can be carried out at the end of the construction site or during the course of the work if several trades (mason, painter...) must follow one another.

Therefore, site cleaning companies are involved at different levels:

  • The elimination and removal of residual elements from the workers' work (rubble, stone, cement, traces of glues, wood or PVC scraps, etc.)
  • The restoration of floors which are thoroughly cleaned using single brushes, scrubbers or simply by wet cleaning
  • The cleaning, scraping, degreasing and meticulous polishing of the glass parts
  • The vacuuming, the cleaning of the ventilation ducts that may have been blocked by plaster, cement or wood particles.
  • The ventilation of the building, removal of material odours, air disinfection.

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Building site cleaning services: the matter of cost and provider

Post-construction site cleaning services are the subject of specialization by contractors who have the technical knowledge and equipment adapted to this type of rehabilitation work.

The choice of site cleaning service provider is up to:

  • Either to the purchase,
  • Or the construction companies themselves.

In the first case, the contracting authority, by using a cleaning company as the work progresses, will save money on the budget allocated to cleaning: commissioning cleaning is not included in the cost of construction. The cleaning of the site is integrated into the specifications of the works and reported on the invoice. The construction company will benefit from a clean site at all times and will avoid:

  • Disputes with other trades
  • Disputes with subcontractors
  • The risk of deterioration of the work due to lack of knowledge of the products or cleaning techniques, unsuitable for the supports.

Did you know that ?

 Some site cleaning companies apply an eco-responsible logic to the management of site waste! If you want the notion of sustainable development to be included in your cleaning service, specify it when you request a quote !