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How does a wireless fax machine work?

How do photocopiers and printers work?

Wireless fax machines are relatively new types of fax machines bringing the sometimes much-need wireless faxing functionality to fax machines.



Several options have made this dream a reality:

- Users who simply have a landline and a fax machine can create a wireless fax machine by using wireless phone jacks: one part of the device needs to be plugged into the phone outlet, the other part of the device needs to be plugged into the fax machine. It’s simple as that, and there are many wireless phone jacks available on the market at ridiculously low prices.

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- VOIP can be used to turn your machine into a wireless fax machine, and has the advantage of not requiring a landline. This option however requires the use of a module which can replicate the phone line over the internet: the OBi200 or OBi202 VoIP Phone Adapter, T.38 Fax from OBiTALK is one such device, and it can be setup to send and receive faxes from a desktop computer, laptop computer or smartphone. One other cool feature of the OBi200 or OBi202 VoIP Phone Adapter, T.38 Fax from OBiTALK is that it allows users to make regular phone calls over the internet using VOIP protocols, and several softphones like Google Voice, or many other paid VOIP services.



As many individual consumers and even businesses are dropping their landlines in favour of an all-internet-based environment with VOIP, this solution may quickly become the most popular for people who still want to use a fax machine anyway, to practically have a wireless fax machine.

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