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What is a typical price range for a multifunction printer?

Multifunction printer priceMultifunction printers (MFPs) typically include printing, copying, scanning, email and fax capabilities in one machine and can offer a practical and cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.

In the UK, multifunction printer prices can start at under £100 for a basic MFP for small businesses, rising to £2,000-4,000 (and upwards) for the best multifunction printers, capable of large print volumes and state-of-the-art document management. However, there are many very capable multifunction printers for small businesses in the £300-£600 price bracket which will meet a lot of printing needs. Leasing options start from around £30 a month and will rise depending on the machine specifications and whether consumables and service are included.

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It’s possible to compare multifunction printer prices by keeping in mind the most common objective discriminating factors in performance, like:

-  The size of the printer,

-  Paper capacity,

-  Colour or black-and-white only printing,

Printing speeds (under or over 30 pages per minute),

Printing technology (laser should be more expensive),

-  Connectivity (several wireless connections, wired network, local USB only...),

User-friendly controls,

-  Multitasking abilities,

Dual-way communication abilities,

-  Software bundle,

-  Network security protocols,

Total cost of ownership, including maintenance and consumables.

The following table list the average prices of  office multifunction printers of different types:

Type of printer/copier

Best for


Small black-and-white inkjet multifunction printer with USB connection

Home/office, sole traders

Under £80

Small black-and-white inkjet multifunction printer with Wifi connection

Small companies


Small colour multifunction printer with Wifi connection

Home/office, sole traders


Multifunction printer (laser)

(printing speed up to 40 ppm)

Small businesses


Entry-level free-standing laser photocopier

(speed up to 40 ppm, A3 printing)

Small businesses with more than 1,000 copies per month


Colour free-standing photocopier

(printing speed up to 50 ppm)

Design and publishing professionals


Production photocopiers

(printing speed up to 100 ppm)

SMEs with heavy printing volumes (over 5,000 copies per month)


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