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What is the average price of printers made for business use?

Everything you need to consider before buying or renting a photocopier or a printer

Printer priceHow much a printer costs depends on a large variety of factors, like:

-        Printing technology (laser printers are a little more expensive than inkjet printers),


-        Colour printing capability or simple black-and-white printing,


-        Automatic double-sided printing capability,


-        Paper formats supported,


-        Printing speeds (as mentioned in ppm or pages per minute),


-        Functions, with most multifunction printers putting together scanning, copying, printing and faxing, making the difference between copier and printer harder to define),


-        Connectivity (printers with only USB are cheaper than printers with networking capability, which are cheaper than printers with wireless networking capability).

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Even if cheapest printer prices are under the £100 mark, most of the high-volume, productivity printers can cost several thousand pounds, so printers are commonly rented out or leased to small businesses.


Other than these technical features, several key aspects affect the cost of a printer, which taken together make up for the total cost of ownership of a printer.


These costs include:

-        Price of printer consumables like paper and ink (inkjet printer ink cartridges cost less than laser printer toners, but can print far, far fewer pages),


-        Planned maintenance with regular servicing and replacement of key mechanical parts,


-        Unplanned maintenance and repairs.


To cover all these expenses, maintenance service contracts or “managed print services” plans are often proposed as an addition in most printer rental or printer lease plans. In the UK, most printers used by small businesses are leased and managed this way.


The following table list the average prices of office multifunction printers of different types:


Type of printer

Best for

Printer Price

Tabletop, A4 colour inkjet printer (USB port)

Home use

Under £60/rental usually not available

Tabletop, A4 black-and-white inkjet multifunction printer (USB port)

Home/office, sole traders

Under £80 purchase/rental usually n.a.

Tabletop, A4 black colour multifunction printer with Wifi connection and automatic double-sided printing

Small businesses ( <1,000 copies per month)

£100-200/rental usually n.a.

Tabletop, A4, black-and-white laser multifunction printer

(prints up to 40 ppm)

Small businesses ( <1,000 copies per month)

£200-£400/rental usually n.a.

Tabletop, A4, colour laser multifunction printer

(prints up to 40 ppm)

Small businesses ( <1,000 copies per month)

£300-£800/rental usually n.a.

Basic, A4 and A3 free-standing black-and-white laser copier

(prints up to 40 ppm)

Small businesses (<2,000 copies per month

£800-£2,000/£10-£30 per month

A4 and A3 free-standing colour laser copier (printing speed up to 50 ppm)

Design and publishing businesses

£2,500-£5,000/£30-£150 per month

Heavy-duty A4 and A3 copiers

(printing speed up to 100 ppm)

Specialised SMEs with large or discrete printing needs (>5,000 copies per month)

£5,000-£12,000/£150 per month and up



Comparing quotes from several suppliers in printers is usually a good reflex to make sure you are choosing the right device at the right price.

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