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Choosing the right point of sale software

You have to choose a POS software solution that’s at the same time easy to use and right for your specific business. For instance, the POS software solution for a grocery shop should be able to manage stocks and supplies, read barcodes, manage discounts, restocking, the weighing of goods... POS Software for restaurants should be able to take orders on the go, print receipts, manage menus and table plan, manage stocks... And a tobacconist’s POS software solution should have features such as barcode scanning for magazines, cigarette packs of various sizes, etc.

Think about checking whether the software publisher is based in the UK, which is essential in case any issue arises, that this publisher is a true retail software specialist, and that his products fully conform with UK law. 

Finally, don’t hesitate to compare prices and service packages to spot the best offer.

You’ll find more information on POS software, sorted by business nature, in our guide about POS terminals.

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