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Which selection criteria should be taken into consideration when choosing a PDQ machine (credit card machine)?

You should choose the PDQ machine or credit card machine which best meets your needs and budget, depending on the nature of your business, headcount, room available, but also the number of products in your inventory and the features needed (bookings, loyalty programs, meal vouchers, POS peripherals, etc.)

You may also check information about the device’s connectivity, sturdiness, setup and maintenance modes, as well as the after sales services offered by the provider. Before you really get into it, don’t hesitate to compare quotes.

Note that if your budget is limited, you may purchase second-hand equipment.

Indeed, more and more providers now sell refurbished items which specifications equal those of brand new gear, for 25% to 30% cheaper.

For in-depth advice, please check our article about choosing a PDQ machine.


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