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How do I choose an Epos system for my business?

As these systems include many components, which can all be more or less advanced, and more or less compatible, businesses may feel at a loss when they decide to choose an Epos.

There are few questions interested business people can ask themselves in order to choose the Epos which will best suit their needs. This sequence of questions follows a logical order.


- First, what kind of business are they in? What industry? Retail and hospitality business sectors will have different needs, and different software products have actually been designed for each of these sectors.


- The next question logically deals with hardware. What peripherals will be needed? If the business is a restaurant, with many waiters, many PDQ terminals will be needed. Cash drawers may or may not be needed if only electronic transactions are performed. Connected scales will be necessary for grocery stores. Different types of business will require more or less advanced printers depending on the documents they need to issue for their clients, etc.

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- At this stage, businesses should be able to identify the price range to choose the Epos they need. They can check whether the company cash flow allows them to purchase the equipment they need, or if leasing or rental are better options.


- Generally, and even more so when leasing, and when all included services are considered, businesses should choose the Epos provider with the best track record, so client history, manufacturer accreditations, training capacities and support policies should be reviewed.


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