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Which till system should I choose for my shop (fast food restaurant, pub, grocery shop, bakery, garment shop, hair salon, supermarket...)?

A touchscreen till system or ePOS perfectly meets the needs of a shop, a restaurant or any corner shop. Intuitive and user-friendly, it’s a real time-saver for the checkout process and it’s flexible enough to be suitable for all kinds of businesses. 

After choosing your hardware (standalone Point of Sale system, modular or semi-modular ePOS system), you’ll have to select the right software.

There are many ePos software solutions: some are designed to meet the needs of caterers, others those of bakers, hairdressers, etc. They all enjoy specific features related to the requirements of the business considered.

Just clearly enter the nature of your business, mention your requirements and fill our form to request quotes from multiple providers who will send you proposals with the hardware and/or software that’s best suited to meet your expectations. You may also check this article about touchscreen POS systems.


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Which till system is best suited for your business?