EPOS SYSTEMS:  Compare & Save up to 30%!
EPOS SYSTEMS: Compare & Save up to 30%!
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Casio Epos

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The well-known Japanese manufacturer or clocks, watches and calculators is also a respected Epos provider, after producing cash registers for over fifty years. Today, Casio manufactures a series of full Epos systems. As innovation has always been a key concern at Casio to differentiate the company from the competition, Android tills and PayPal compatible Epos products have been launched by the Japanese manufacturer.

 Casio Epos

Casio, serving businesses worldwide for sixty years

Besides its consumer products, the Japanese brand has been catering for the computing needs of businesses for nearly sixty years and has developed a full portfolio of products related to Epos.

Why business machines and Eposes are part of Casio’s DNA

As soon as they created the Casio brand, the Kashio brothers started working on calculators, helping reduce the size of these then enormous machines through several innovations. For example, they invented technologies now taken for granted such as the single display (older calculators had three) and the 10-key number keypad.

In 1957, Casio invented the first all-electric calculator, and in 1972, the world’s first personal calculator. Moving from calculators to tills was a logical process, and in 1976, Casio made their first electronic cash register. A lesser-known fact is that Casio also invented the first inkjet printer in 1971. With the integration of calculators, printers and other hardware in point of sale systems, Casio Epos became a natural extension of their business lines.

Range of Epos-related products

Casio now manufactures the full range of Epos-related hardware and software products:

- Electronic cash registers,

- Label printers,

- Mobile POS with swipe and pin card support, and built-in receipt printer;

- Handheld business computing devices with scanners,

- Cloud Epos software,

- Hospitality and retail back-office software,

- And of course integrated Casio Epos systems.

Notable Casio Epos systems

Casio has always been doing daring and innovative technological choices as far as Epos are concerned. This legacy is best illustrated today by their Android-based series of tills, and by their PayPal system.

Android-based Casio Epos systems

Casio manufactures a series of Android Epos solutions under various formats:

-The V-R100 Epos System is a fully integrated Android Epos with a 10.4” inch touch screen LCD display which also sports a built-in printer. It is chiefly indicated for retail and hospitality businesses.

- The V-R7000 series models consist of a 15.6” inch touch screen display, which can be used in landscape and portrait mode, and which does pretty much everything one would expect from a full Epos.

PayPal compatible Epos system

An exclusive partnership with popular payment gateway PayPal allows Casio Epos like the V-R100 to accept payments through the PayPal app on customers’ iOS or Android phones. When a customer checks in a store which reports accepting PayPal payments, his or her name and photo directly appears on the Casio Epos terminal’s display!

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