EPOS SYSTEMS:  Compare & Save up to 30%!
EPOS SYSTEMS: Compare & Save up to 30%!
Compare suppliers of EPOS systems for Point of sales, Hotels, Restaurants, Cafeterias. Compare suppliers of EPOS systems for Point of sales, Hotels, Restaurants, Cafeterias.

J2 Retail Systems

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J2 Retail Systems is a British-based manufacturer of complete Epos systems. Since its inception more than a decade ago, this provider has been consistently coming up with modern, feature-rich Epos systems, especially Epos tills, and is now a respected global player on the market, with a strong client base in continental Europe, the Middle East, the US, Canada and Latin America. Their Yuno and Sango Epos systems are among their most interesting products.

 J2 Retail Systems

Company background and products

J2 Retail Systems is an already established British-based manufacturer of complete Epos systems, with a strong global presence.

Company background

J2 Retail Systems was founded in the United Kingdom in 2002 and specializes in the manufacture of LCD touch screen monitors, PC-based touch screens... and Epos systems for the retail, hospitality and leisure industries.

Adopting a lean management and production approach, J2 Retail Systems is capable of customizing its products to the extreme in order to meet the most specific demands of their business customers.

Headquartered in Runcorn, Cheshire, the company has subsidiaries in Tustin, California, USA and Mortdale, New South Wales, Australia. The Latin American and Middle Eastern markets have also long been covered by the company’s sales teams, with significant client bases in these areas.


J2 Retail Systems produces touch screen computers, touch screen Epos Systems, and case-design Epos systems.

- Touch screen computer models include the 225, 625 and 680 models,

- Touch screen Epos systems include the 680L, Yuno and Sango models;

- Case-design Epos systems, without displays, are grouped in the 480 series.

Notable Epos systems by J2 Retail Systems

Sporting a modern style, advanced features and complete equipment, the Yuno and Sango models are J2 Retail Systems’ most recognizable Epos systems.

The Yuno Epos system by J2 Retail Systems

Yuno is a touch screen Epos system simply consisting of a large display on a flexible stand.

The LCD screen, which is shock- and scratch-proof, is available in two formats: 15.1” inches in 4:3 ratio, and 15.6” inches in 16:9 wide ratio.

The standard version has 64 gigabytes SSD hard disk and has been tested to withstand extreme professional environments such as restaurant kitchens with exposure to dust, fat, crumbs and splashes.

Sango Epos system

Sango is a fully integrated Epos with an even more innovative design, which most notorious feature is to completely free up the space under the screen which is supported by an aluminum arm. This 15” inch PCAP or resistive display has touch support and an edgeless surface.

Common configurations include an i5 CPU by Intel, 8gb RAM, 4 RJ45 ports, 6 USB 2.0 ports, 4 USB 3.0 ports, 64gb 2,5” inch SSD. Last but not least, Sango comes in seven interchangeable colours: white, black, red, blue, orange, grey and… “cassis”.

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