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Choosing your Chip and PIN machine

If your business doesn’t have a Chip and PIN machine to process debit and credit cards then you are potentially losing out on valuable revenue. Customers increasingly expect to be able to pay for goods and services by card, no matter where the business is trading from, so if you are not set up for this, now is the time to act.

Chip and PIN machine

The process is actually very simple, and requires a business to set up a merchant account and buy a Chip and PIN machine that will take and record the payment and issue a receipt. And finding the right terminal, from the right provider, is crucial to ensure profitable credit card processing.

What you need in a Chip and PIN machine

Finding the right terminal is a matter of deciding whether you need mobile card readers or fixed devices and which form of connection is most suitable (dial up, wireless or Bluetooth, for example). You also need to decide whether your business is large enough to need multiple card payment machines. A few features to bear in mind are:

  • Type of receipt printer. Thermal printers are very fast, but they are more costly, so factor this into your budget. A slower (and cheaper) dot matrix or inkjet printer may be adequate.
  • Do you need a card terminal that is set up to accept gift cards as payment?
  • Large in built memory to store transactions.
  • Mobile card machines need to have a long range from their base unit and good battery life.
  • Compact design with an easy to read screen.
  • Paper roll should be easy to change; this can be a real frustration, especially in a busy shop.

Major merchant terminal providers

  • Worldpay is one of the UK’s largest card processing companies, providing a whole range of merchant services. They specialise in optimised Chip and PIN solutions for small businesses and have a wealth of experience to draw on. Want to install Chip and PIN machines? Ability to accept online payments? A reliable and fast card payment system? Processing of all major credit and debit cards? Then look no further as Worldpay have it covered.
  • 123 Send is a card payment processing provider and one of the most trusted in the UK. They specialise in mobile chip & PIN machines and portable payment solutions for events and small businesses, although they supply a large range of excellent quality credit card terminals. They have a strong record in good customer service.
  • First Data  is a global merchant solutions provider. They offer an impressive range of simple and affordable chip & PIN solutions, whether you need face-to-face, telephone or internet processing.
  • Sage Pay offers a whole host of merchant processing services, including low fee merchant accounts, accounting software, PDQ machines, electronic till systems and an easy to use payment gateway.
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