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First Data Merchant solutions

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First Data Merchant solutions is an already established merchant banking institution providing merchant solutions and payment systems to its customers across the UK. Interestingly, First Data Merchant solutions does not only provide financial services to its customers, but also hardware appliances so that they can just start accepting payments and making money effortlessly, in a one-stop-shop approach usually only heard of at major financial institutions.

Company background and value added services

First Data merchant solutions is a merchant solutions pure player that’s been active for many years now, who advertises several value added services to make a difference.

First Data Merchant solutions history

First Data Merchant solutions derives from a group called First Data Resources which was founded in 1971 in the USA, for the purpose of providing card payment services in America. The company was owned for many years by American Express, and then by First Financial Management Corp which also owned interests in Western Union.

The company became private again in 2007 under the name of First Data Corporation, and its European subsidiary First Data Europe.

Value-added services

One of the key advantages of First Data Merchant solutions is the one-stop-shop approach. Indeed, the company provides:

- Credit card payment machines,

- e-commerce payment solutions,

- but also full, innovative Epos systems to operate a point-of-sale business.

The company advertises value added services like:

- Business track, an online portal to manage all card acceptance services,

- Client Line, a powerful reporting tool,

- Cashback, enabling in-store customers to withdraw cash with their payments,

- Mobile top-up, enabling them to top-up their mobile plan credit,

- Merchant cash advance,

- PCI-DSS compliance.

 First Data Merchant solutions

Notable products by First Data Merchant solutions

First Data’s most notable products are its e-commerce payment solutions that work with many, many e-commerce platforms, as well as Clover, its modern fully integrated Epos system.

e-Commerce payment solutions

e-Commerce payment solutions by First Data Merchant solutions include:

- Connect, a hosted payment solution;

- API, an API-integration solutions;

- Virtual terminal, turning any PC with internet access into an Epos device for secure cardholder not present transactions.

A cool aspect of these solutions is that they have been tested to work with an impressive number of e-commerce platforms as ekm powershop, opencart, create, RomanCart, Shop Integrator, shopware, Drupal commerce, Prestashop, Magento, Woo Commerce, Wordpress, Jigoshop, xtcModified, Gambio, Owid eSales, Aceshop and many others...

Clover, First Data’s fully integrated Epos system

This provider is also one of the very few to propose a fully integrated Epos system to its customers. The system is called Clover Station.

Sporting modern and sleek looks with a large touch screen display and printer, Clover Station can be configured to match the specific needs of the retail, pub and restaurant, health and beauty industries. Among other features, it allows:

- cloud-based business management,

- loyalty scheme support,

- inventory tracking, reporting and payment acceptance.