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RBS merchant services

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RBS, or the Royal Bank of Scotland is a major UK-based, global bank providing nearly every conceivable financial service to its private and business customers. This includes of course a very comprehensive range of merchant services, supporting all payment methods, be it online, face to face or MOTO. The global reach of RBS, and its in-depth knowledge of security protocols and environment allow RBS’s clients to enjoy an all-inclusive approach to merchant services.

RBS merchant services - global reach and secure solutions

RBS has been providing innovative services to merchants in the UK and globally since its inception three centuries ago. RBS merchant services are particularly strong in terms of global payment support, and assistance in building a secure payment environment.

About RBS

RBS, or the Royal Bank of Scotland, is one of the oldest banks in the UK, as it started its operations as early as 1727 in Edinburgh, following a Royal Charter. RBS actually invented a series of banking products, including the bank overdraft in 1728... for a merchant, so you know that RBS merchant services have an arguably long history! RBS even used to issue banknotes, and still does, at least for use in Scotland.

Today, RBS is part of the Royal Bank of Scotland group, and represents the second largest bank in the UK, and fifth largest bank in the world in terms of market capitalisation. RBS has offices in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australasia.

Key benefits of RBS merchant services

The global reach of RBS and its advanced knowledge of payment security allows RBS merchant services customers to enjoy two key benefits:

- support for lesser-known international credit and debit cards, faster clearance of international settlements;

- active support and guidance for businesses willing to switch to a fully PCI-DSS environment, at all PCI-DSS compliance levels.

 RBS merchant services

Solutions by payment method

RBS merchant services partners with WorldPay, one of the most popular payment gateway providers to supply its customers with complete, all-inclusive payment processing solutions, working in face-to-face environment, as well as online and for MOTO payments.

Face-to-face payment solutions

RBS merchant services for face-to-face payment by WorldPay allows the following benefits:

- Up to 500 transactions per second;

- Support for nearly every credit and debit card issuer in the world;

- Payment clearance in four days;

- Funds are electronically processed and directed directly to the business’s account;

- Extensive risk management systems.

Online payment solutions

Online payment solutions by WorldPay to RBS business customers include the following benefits

- Support for complex payment processing needs, with hundreds of payments per month;

- High capacity gateway supporting large spikes in demand, which is especially appreciated by ticket-issuing businesses, or the gambling and gaming industries;

- Hundreds or global currencies, dozens of credit and debit cards supported;

- Support for recurring payments, vouchers and loyalty schemes;

- Online management tools.

MOTO payment solutions

Over the phone payments, mail orders or “card-not-present” transactions can be processed by RBS using WorldPay’s virtual terminals. Only an internet connection is needed to accept payments through a PC, tablet or smartphone.