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Global payments

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Global Payments is a relatively new player on the market of card payment processing in the UK, but with relatively ancient roots in the US. Providing payment processing services through credit card processing and online payment processing, Global Payment’s key advantage is to remain true to its brand name and actually enable the processing of... truly global payments.

Company background and value added services

Global Payments is a British company with American roots - and partial British ownership. To simplify, Global Payments is... a global company.

Global Payments history

The company originated with National Data Corporation, which was founded in the US1, 1967. This card processing business quickly opened branches in Canada, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, so the company now has over 4,200 employees worldwide.

Global Payments UK was founded as HSBC Merchant Services in 2008, and was 49% owned by HSBC until 2009. The company was renamed to its present brand in 2013, but is still “HSBC’s preferred supplier for card processing in the UK”.

Value-added services

Global payments advertises several advantages against the competition:

- Specific industry knowledge in many business sectors such as retail, hospitality

education, transport, local authority, affinity groups,

- a truly global presence with processed payments valued over €28 billion per annum on behalf of 12,500 retailers throughout Europe, with clients in 30 countries,

- powerful management information tools,

- dozens of trade awards,

- large choice of payment terminals,

- help systems in place to take their clients through the accreditation process for Visa or Master Card.

 Global payments

Notable products by Global Payments

Global payment provides the usual in-store credit card processing and online payment processing. But their most interesting products and services are related to the acceptance of many uncommon cards or payment services, and their original line-up of management information tools.

Global card payment solutions

Card payment processing solutions include support for the following cards and services, which are not always supported by other merchant solutions:

- American Express,

- UnionPay Cards - the Chinese credit card network,

- Apple Pay,

- Tax-free shopping is also seamlessly integrated.

Powerful management information tools

This card processing services provider has developed four related management information modules, and they are worth looking into for business customers:

- eStatements gives instant access to any invoice processed by their card processing services,

- Trurating allows businesses to include a quick survey in every payment operation - each customer can be asked to answer one question on the payment terminal before they can complete the payement,

- Businessview provides 24-hour online access to reporting and transaction history,

- Smart Dispute Manager is a chargeback management solution, enabling businesses to accept or reject liability for every single dispute raised.