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Lloyds merchant services

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Lloyds merchant services are provided by Lloyds, one of the oldest banks in the UK, and as a matter of fact, one of the oldest banks in the world. Very much like other long-established banks like Barclays, Lloyds has chosen to put all their merchant services under the umbrella of their credit card issuing subsidiary, which is called Cardnet. Besides usual services like card issuing and payment processing, the breadth of the bank’s merchant services is immense.

Lloyds, a familiar face on the banking market

Lloyds merchant services are an essential element in the history of Lloyds, one of the oldest British banks. They are now concentrated under the umbrella of the Cardnet brand.

About Lloyds bank

Founded in its original form in Birmingham, 1765 by button maker John Taylor and Quaker iron producer and dealer Sampson Lloyd, the bank is the second oldest in the United Kingdom. Lloyds merchant services have been part of the bank’s products since its inception, as the bank originally focussed on business lending. In fact, Lloyds even briefly issued banknotes before the Bank of England was granted a monopoly.

About Cardnet

Very much in the same way Barclay did with Barclaycard, Cardnet was created in 1997 as a subsidiary of Lloyds to become the home of all Lloyds payment services, and therefore, all Lloyds merchant services.

Customers are grouped in three categories:

- SMEs for up to £25 million in turnover,

- Corporate for anything above that figure,

- Trade bodies.

 Lloyds merchant services

The immense breadth of Lloyds merchant services

Lloyds Merchant services include all traditional payment processing services. But the fact that the bank has developed into one of the largest commercial banks in the UK and the world allows for many other services and benefits to enter the picture.

Face-to-face payment solutions

Lloyd’s face-to-face payment solutions include support for an impressive number of national and international credit and debit cards, including Union Pay International, Japan Credit Bureau, V Pay or Discover.

Online payment solutions

Lloyd’s payment gateway includes the following benefits:

- Effortless setup with detailed guide and support,

- PCI DSS compliance through Cardnet networks,

- Elaborate fraud screening tools,

- M-Commerce capability,

- Lloyds also plays the part of the acquiring bank.

Over-the-phone payments

Over the phone payments, or “card-not-present” transactions are made possible by Lloyds merchant services for such cards as MasterCard, Debit MasterCard, Maestro, Visa Credit, Visa Debit, Electron, Discover, Diners Club International, BC Global Card, DinaCard, Corporate, Commercial and Purchasing cards and American Express cards.

Merchant account prices

Lloyds merchant services may will include the following fees:

- a joining fee of about £175,

- a minimum monthly charge of about £25,

- an authorization fee of about 3p per transaction,

- a chargeback fee of about £15,

- a termination fee of about £200.