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There are multiple types of water dispenser, each with their own specificities. Usually, systems used in companies, waiting rooms and private homes are either bottled water coolers or plumbed-in water-coolers.

Bottles of fresh, filtered drinking water can be delivered to your office or house. Standard sizes range from 10 to 19 litres, and cost £3 to £6 plus VAT. One 19-litre bottle supplies water to 5 to 10 people a day. In general, empty bottles are disposed of by the water delivery company, but you will still need a storage room to keep the full bottles away from sunlight and chemicals. The dispensers can be free standing or countertop, according to your preferences.

It should be noted that the bottles are quite heavy as a 19-litre bottle weighs 40lb, and costly on the long run, although if you rent your dispenser they may be included in your monthly fee. Maintenance is easy, as bottled water is already filtered, thus eliminating the need for additional filtration systems.

A plumbed-in water cooler plugs into the mains water supply, and generally comes with built-in filters to avoid limescale build-up and eliminate harmful chemicals or bad taste. Unlike a bottled water cooler, it usually needs to be installed by a professional for around £100, but you can carry out maintenance yourself, including replacing the filter cartridge. As it is mains fed, this systems can supply an infinite amount of hot or cold water every day, but it is a more permanent and less mobile solution. A plumbed-in water cooler is also an eco-friendly solution, as no empty bottles need transporting and recycling.


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