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It may be a bit strange to refer to a hot water dispenser as a “water cooler”, yet most water coolers now come with a hot water faucet. In offices and waiting rooms, this feature gives water dispensers more flexibility, and makes them serious competition for traditional hot drink machines.


A hot water dispensers uses an electric generator to heat room-temperature water supplied by either a replaceable bottle  or the mains water supply. In general, water is heated to 94°C, but some models can also really boil water at a proper 100°C. Cheaper models, often of the bottled type, may heat the liquid at only around 60°C, which is still enough for a tea or coffee. In all cases, a safety lock on the hot water faucet will prevent scalding. Usually, electricity consumption remains reasonable.


There are many different models of hot water dispensers. The most popular ones are uncomplicated freestanding units which will provide cold and hot water. They only need an electric socket to work, and if they are mains-fed  they’ll be able to supply an infinite amount of hot water to any home or office. Countertop or under-the-counter units are great space-saving solutions, as are hot water taps, which will provide cold, hot and even sparkling water. These latter models are quite expensive, though.


A hot water dispenser provides refreshing beverages all year long, but also allows your staff to prepare quick snacks, such as instant soups or noodles. They’re not more complicated to maintain than cold water dispensers, and usually not more expensive either.


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