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Mains-fed vs. bottled water coolers: what are the differences?

Mains-fed dispensers and bottled water coolers will satisfy the thirst of your employees and visitors all year around.

So which is a better choice for your place of business: a mains-fed water dispenser or a bottled water cooler? Both provide a reliable source of fresh drinking water as well as other advantages.

Bottled water coolers

- High quality – bottled water is filtered at a water processing facility and delivered to your location in sealed bottles, ensuring purity and top quality.- User friendly – simply place the bottle into the receptacle and replace it when it’s empty, without the need to go through a disruptive installation process like you would with a plumbed-in system. - Flexible – you can place your bottled water cooler anywhere you like, whereas a mains-fed system requires you to place your dispenser where the water pipes pass.- Service – depending on your supplier contract you may get free maintenance and professional cleaning included with your cooler.


Mains-fed water dispensers

- Reliable – bottled water coolers run dry, but mains-fed dispensers provide limitless filtered water. - Space efficient – counter-top models can fit between a kitchen counter and the cupboards above it. And you won’t need to dedicate precious office space to store any bottles.- Cost effective – with plumbed in water you pay for the water you use through your water rates which is almost always cheaper than the cost of bottled water.- Hassle free – mains-fed water is piped in and you will never risk injury from lifting and placing heavy bottles of water.

Mains-fed water will be a smarter choice if you need to provide water for a large staff or a steady stream of visitors. And though plumbed-in water is filtered and perfectly safe, many people prefer the freshness of bottled water. Either way, providing drinking water to employees and visitors will offer both health and productivity benefits to your company.

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