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Water coolers : AquAid: water for a better world

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On a global level, the water business is a very competitive one. In Europe, several companies supply private homes and professionals alike with all things water-related. AquAid is a leading water supplier in the UK, providing everything from water dispensers to bottle delivery, to ensure you benefit from the best possible service for all your water-related needs.

However, AquAid’s values reach beyond mere customer satisfaction, as it is clear that providing people with pure, healthy drinking water can make the world a better place.


Products and services

A water supplier’s job involves making sure the customer will get the best quality of water, delivered in optimum conditions, all for a reasonable cost. It also means being an integral part of the community by designing water solutions for everyone.

AquAid’s water

Pumping water in central locations in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland reduces the consumption of fossil fuels, and therefore the company’s carbon footprint; moreover, as it is spring water drawn from great depths, its mineral content and purity are consistent and the water is bottled at source, guaranteeing a great natural taste.

The water cooler range

Freestanding or desktop, bottled or mains-fed, AquAid’s water cooler range is fairly complete. For families or small staff kitchen, a countertop, bottled-fed water cooler with an optional hot water faucet will cover most needs. For waiting rooms or large offices, freestanding, mains-fed water fountains or hot water dispensers will provide infinite amounts of pure water thanks to their built-in filtration systems. Likewise, water boilers supply an instant, controlled amount of boiling water from the mains, making them perfect for kitchens and catering services.

Water in schools and hotels

Scientific research has revealed that students perform better at tests when they are properly hydrated. As a matter of fact, AquAid has been for 8 years now the number one supplier of water fountains to schools in the UK. A wide range of sturdy, durable water fountains is on offer, mostly mains-fed models so that child after child can have a refreshing, hydrating drink. For hotel corridors and lobbies, hot and cold water coolers will be an appreciated feature, giving guests an easy access to water at any time, while remaining affordable.

Support and delivery

Customer support always comes from the nearest distribution center, so you won’t find yourself speaking to a call centre. There are 32 distribution centres in the UK which offer a weekly or fortnightly delivery service. Extra deliveries, and even next day delivery are guaranteed at no extra cost. Hot and cold drinks solutions, as well as accessories such as cups and stirrers, are also available.

AquAid’s values

Water is an everyday need, and for most of us it only requires turning a tap open. However, too many people in the world still have no access to proper drinking water. That’s why, since its creation in 1992, AquAid has been committed to helping bring water to as many people as possible.

Charity and sustainable development

Over the past decade AquAid has provided over £8 million from the sale of products to bring water to over 2 million of the world’s poorest people. For every 19-litre bottle sold, 10p are donated to Christian Aid and Pump Aid. Besides, the company has founded The African Trust, helping break the cycle of poverty by designing sustainable solutions via entrepreneurial wealth creation.

Customer proximity

As the distribution centres are implanted locally, service is better, quicker, more eco-friendly. This way, standards of hygiene and water purity are impeccable. Bottles are systematically recycled, and customers are always encouraged to choose the mains-fed solution to reduce their carbon footprint.