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Water coolers : BWT: Europe’s leading water supplier

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BWT UK Limited is part of the Best Water Technology (BWT) Group, Europe’s leading water technology company. It specializes in water treatment solutions, but also offers a wide range of water-related products and services, from water coolers for offices to high-end purified water for the pharmaceutical industry. In fact, whatever your water needs may be, BWT certainly has a solution for you.


BWT’s fields of expertise

Developing water treatment solutions is the company’s primary goal. Bringing clean, pure water to homes and businesses, even very specialized ones, is one of BWT’s missions. More than 3,000 employees make sure that you benefit from the best service at all time, every time.

Water for businesses

For companies of all sizes, a wide range of water coolers is available. There are bottled and plumbed-in models, and also water boilers. Units are freestanding or countertop, with multiple hot and cold configurations. Installation, maintenance and service by highly trained engineers are possible options, and the dispensers can be either bought or rented. A flexible bottle delivery service is provided anywhere in the UK. Water treatment solutions for commercial and industrial companies are also available, for instance physical conditioners, water softeners and filtration or systems.

Domestic technology

For specific use in domestic situations, it is important to benefit from the purest water possible. Municipal water tends to be hard and sometimes contaminated by rust or algae. Therefore, installing a water softener and a limescale inhibitor is recommended to get the safest, healthiest drinking water. Filter cartridges and UV disinfectors are also available for that same purpose.

BWT Pharma

As the pharmaceutical industry can only use perfectly clean water, high-technology treatment solutions must be designed. As the leader in this precise field, BWT has developed a number of compact filtration systems, with the highest standards of purity in mind. Using the proven combination of reverse osmosis and electrochemical demineralization, these units are able to provide medical, microelectronics or biotech companies with the high-quality water they need.

Quality water for everyone

We all know water is a finite resource. This is why it is so important to ensure the water we drink and use every day stays safe and clean. Water treatment is therefore a crucial concern for all.

A solution for all needs

As far as drinking water is concerned, everything from table water filters for private homes to mains-fed water fountains suitable for large offices is available. Professionals will find water boilers for their staff kitchens and water coolers for their waiting rooms, while homemakers will guarantee their families access to safe water thanks to a wide range of filtration systems and water conditioners. For industrial uses, limescale inhibitors will help laundries keep their machines in good working condition, and pharmaceutical companies will benefit from the highest technology in water filtration. BWT is even helping “create” water by designing and engineering seawater desalination plants.

Maintenance and customer support

Drinking water units are available for purchase, but also through flexible rental contracts. In that case, bottle delivery and maintenance are often included in the fee. Locating a stockist, finding an installer near you or requesting a service visit can be done via BWT’s website.