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Water coolers : Eden Springs: multiple solutions for professionalsEden Springs: multiple solutions for professionals

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Eden Springs UK Ltd is the UK market leader in the water cooler industry and a national player in the coffee and coffee machine business. It supplies offices, staff kitchens or waiting rooms with a wide range of products, suited to all your possible professional needs. Water coolers and coffee machines can be bought or rented, and aftercare or bottle delivery can be taken care of. Environmental issues are also taken into account; therefore local solutions are privileged to reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

Eden Springs

The drinks range

There is more to a water supplier than just water. Although Eden Springs is a specialist in the water cooler market, it also offers hot drinks solutions, at a reasonable price and with premium service quality.

Eden water

To be safe and healthy, water must be as pure as possible, and filtered. Eden plumbed-in water coolers are equipped with recyclable filters and can supply endless amounts of chilled water, which makes them perfect for public areas or schools. Bottled water is drawn locally in the UK. Each bottle travels an average of only 32 metres, which reduces fossil-fuel emissions. It is filtered and bottled at source, and available in 11 or 19-litre bottles. It is dispensed via freestanding water coolers which can be equipped with a hot water faucet.


For kitchen areas, receptions or meeting rooms, coffee machines are a great solution. Bean-to-cup, pod-and-capsule, soluble and filter coffee machines are all available, depending on your budget and the intended use of the unit. In meeting rooms for example, pod machines will be preferred to percolators which take longer to brew coffee. Moreover, coffee machines aren’t that expensive, and in some cases it may only cost you 21p per drink.

Services provided by Eden Springs

When you want to install a water cooler or a coffee machine, buying is not the only option. Likewise, the unit itself is only one of the costs you need to consider. Therefore, Eden Springs works hard to make sure you get the best service at the best price.


Rental contracts are a good way to save money: first, you obviously don’t pay for the dispenser you install, but delivery and installation are also free. When the dispenser becomes obsolete, or if it breaks down, Eden Springs will replace it with a state-of-the-art unit for no extra cost. As far as coffee machines go, some rental contracts are all inclusive, which means you only pay for drinks.

Bottle delivery

Flexible bottle delivery schedules give customers more peace of mind. Water coolers as well as bottles are delivered everywhere in the UK, from 16 depots. Coffee machines can even be delivered within 48h. Delivery schedules are tailored to your individual needs, on a monthly, fortnightly or even weekly basis. Empty bottles are collected and recycled, and your water stock is managed according to any variation of your demand. Off-shore and European delivery are possible.


Servicing and sanitization are available, and they might cost you nothing if you rent your water dispenser or coffee machine. Everything will be taken care of, from cleaning to filter changing or even bottle replacement. Schedules are also flexible, and in the event your machine breaks down, it will be replaced within three working days.