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Water coolers : The Water Delivery Company: London’s leading bottled water supplier

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The Water Delivery Company is a family business founded in 2003, which supplies bottled water coolers within London. The current base is of over 3,500 dispensers, installed in offices, businesses and waiting rooms across the city. Rental contracts are on offer, for water dispensers as well as coffee machines, and as the head office and distribution centre are located in Wimbledon, customer service and reactivity are great.

Water Delivery

The Water Delivery Company product range

While water coolers are appreciated everywhere, some specific places like staff kitchens or meeting rooms need specific solutions. A wide product range guarantees that, whatever your company’s profile, all your water-related expectations will be met.

Water coolers to buy

Starting at £160 plus VAT, The Water Delivery Company’s star-product is the freestanding, bottle-fed water cooler. Needing only about a square foot of floor space, it’s the easiest-to-operate, hassle-free system for all types of offices. A hot-and-cold configuration is available for an extra £20. For kitchens, or smaller offices, countertop models start at £175 and offer the same service as their freestanding counterparts.

Water coolers to rent

All water coolers are available for rental in London for customers within the M25 motorway. A service agreement guarantees water delivery days and fixed prices for the duration of the contract. Sanitization visits are done every three months to make sure the dispenser remains clean and sterile. In the event of a breakdown, water coolers are replaced within 48h. Delivery of the unit is free, and rental prices starts at £3 a week for mid-range products. Short-term rentals for parties or special events also exist, from one day to three months.

Office coffee machines

For staff kitchens or meeting rooms, bean-to-cup and pod coffee machines are a great idea. They’re cost effective and convenient, and maintenance comes free with every rental contract. For large offices or public areas, plumbed-in models also exist, to provide bigger quantities of hot beverages to employees and visitors alike.

Services and aftercare

Rented or bought, water coolers are only one aspect of The Water Delivery Company’s line of work. As the name of the company suggests, its primary job is to deliver water bottles to customers all over London. Customer support and servicing are also important tasks.

Bottle delivery with The Water Delivery Company

Bottled spring water is filtered at source to ensure premium quality and taste. 12-litre and 19-litre bottles are available and are delivered only within the M25. For instance a 19-litre bottle costs around £7. Delivery is free for more than two units at a time, or with rental contracts. Schedules can be tailored to any company profile according to your needs.


Servicing, including sanitization, is carried out by The Water Delivery Company on a regular basis, for free with every rental contract. Replacement of a faulty dispenser is of course free of charge, and effective within 48h.

The Water Cooler Company

This is The Water Delivery Company’s sister company. It offers basically the same products and services, with a focus on plumbed-in water coolers, all over the UK. Delivery and maintenance are also guaranteed everywhere.