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Water coolers : Main UK water cooler suppliers

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The UK market for of water coolers and dispensers is fed by multiple streams. Below is a non-exhaustive list of the principal suppliers.

water coolers and dispensers

  • Aquahot:

Supplies all types of water coolers and dispensers plus accessories, including units with hot water systems and install kits, with free delivery for orders over £50

  • AquAid:

Supplies a full range of water dispensers and coolers to business, schools and the catering sector, operating across the UK

  • Brita:

Supplies water coolers and dispensers fitted with Brita lime-scale filters for purer water and cleaner machines

  • BWT

Europe’s Leading Water Technology Company, Nationwide service for bottled and plumbed in water dispensers. Full B.W.C.A membership, flexible terms, price promise and money-back guarantee

  • Cactus Water Systems:

Supplies  mains-fed water coolers to businesses, schools, factories, warehouses, colleges and gyms across south London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex

  • Café Point:

Provides tailored solutions to business and small businesses and specialises in Fairtrade vending machines and ecologically sound water coolers and dispensers

  • Cascade Water Systems:

Supplies a full range of water coolers on sale, lease or rental contracts, with free filter changes, 4-year guarantee and free 24-hour servicing with a dedicated customer service line

  • Cooler Water:

It is a leading UK water cooler supplier and can also supply your own brand label for bottled waters

  • Ebac:

Leading manufacturer of water coolers and dispensers and has developed the Cassette Water Trail in the FMax Water Dispenser/Cooler model, which revolutionises sanitisation

  • Eden Springs:

The first accredited carbon-neutral water cooler company in the UK, offering both bottled and plumbed-in units

  • Kafevend:

Supplies cold drinks dispensers, vending machines and water dispensers, with free Installation and delivery

  • PHS Water Logic:

Offers mains-fed water coolers and dispensers, Watermarques high volume water dispensers and ThirstPoint hot water boilers and drinking fountains

  • Water Coolers Direct.com:

Sells rather than leases or rents ambient, cold or hot and cold water dispensers, including plumbed in and bottled water dispensers, to a wide range of businesses and third sector customers.

Remember to check if your chosen supplier is a member of the Water Dispenser & Hydratation Association which sets standards for servicing and maintenance.