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Great coffee in the office


Great coffee at work is easy with

espresso machines, which are widely

available and surprisingly affordable.

Espresso machines are fast becoming a sign of a good office environment and top notch hospitality. Offering easy access to a high quality beverage makes your staff feel valued, and it also makes a great impression on clients and visitors. And contrary to common belief, espresso machines are not overly expensive.

An espresso machine works by heating water quickly through a thermo block and pumping it through the grounds at high pressure to draw out the flavour. Ground coffee is most commonly used (and works out at only a few pence per cup), although some models will grind whole beans first or be compatible with capsules. You can get a basic machine for less than £100 and more sophisticated models may cost up to £500.

Coffee machine features

To ensure longevity, look for a trusted brand. A few important features to bear in mind are:

  • A large water capacity will reduce the need for refilling. Some machines can be filled directly from the tap without the need to carry water across the kitchen.
  • If you are looking to use whole bean coffee, avoid machines with inbuilt grinders. These can be noisy and much more expensive.
  • Look for a machine that is convenient and comes with clear instructions.
  • A steam pipe allows you to froth hot milk or create foam so that you can make other types of coffee. 
  • A cup warmer is important so that coffee is served in cups warmed by the heat the machine generates.


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