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Can I turn my computer into a cash register?

Epos systems, with all the benefits of a modern point of sale systems, still way too often seem too expensive to many small businesses. Many prospective buyers wish that they could at least try their hands on a cheap alternative, before moving on and buy the “real” thing, with more assurance on how to use it.

One of the advantages of Epos systems is that they are basically extensions of very common computers. But is it possible to turn just any computer into a cash register and a point of sale system ? Yes it is, and it is much simpler than you think.


- The essential part is to find the right point of sale software and install it. The good news is that this kind of software is widely available, and some Windows-compatible products can even be downloaded for free on the internet.


- After the software is installed, users should hook up the hardware. Depending on the software used, different kinds of connection ports may be used. Barcode scanners and cash drawers are easy and cheap to get. In case you are setting up this system for a bit of informal practice, second hand products abound.


- Stock levels, item tags and matching prices need to be manually entered in the software’s database, as well as VAT rates, product names, relevant descriptions, and UPC codes where applicable. This can take quite a bit of time.

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After all these steps have been followed, and all equipment has been tested to work as intended, you are ready to use your home computer as an advanced cash register.


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