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Do Epos systems include stock control?

Stock control is one fantastic feature allowed by Electronic Points of Sale systems. When a sale is recorded, the information is immediately sent up to the inventory database, and quantities of the sold product depleted in this database. Advanced Epos systems will allow real-time stock control over multiple sites, and multiple channels, therefore allowing in-store pickup for click-and-collect brick and mortar delivery options. The Epos system can even trigger all sorts of alerts at the point of sale or elsewhere when stocks of any given product are caused to run low, at any specified point, so that procurement departments take over.

However, many, but not all Epos systems include Epos stock control out of the box.

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Prospective buyers will therefore have to review the following points in order to make sure they can benefit from Epos stock control:

- Epos software needs to be programmed to include Epos stock control;

- The Epos server needs to be connected to the inventory management system;

- Stock levels need to have been initially set, with the full product list scanned, entered into the server, with matching inventory quantities. Manually entering all the products, barcodes, prices and quantities is necessary before the Epos stock control can be used.


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