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What type of hardware can I connect to an Epos system?


Electronic point of sale systems can be complex systems with many hardware add-ons connected. Depending on their specific needs, businesses using an electronic point of sale may consider acquiring, renting or leasing many types of Epos hardware items to improve and scale up their operations. The following hardware components are listed from the most common to the least.


- Displays: Epos systems may have one or more main displays, which can be touchscreens or not. In addition to main displays, customer displays may be added, like pole displays;


- Barcode scanners: these are an essential part of almost any Epos system: many technologies exist, and some will give you a bigger operational range than other;


- Cash drawers are also often part of the basic Epos package;


- Epos scales can be more or less advanced, built-in or not, with or without an embedded printer, with or without customer displays. Advanced models include combination scale and scanner systems;


- PDQ terminals, or chip-and-pin machines, which can be wired or wireless. Businesses like pubs or restaurants will like to be as close to a one active waiter to one PDQ terminal ratio as possible;


- Many types of Pos printers can be added, from simple ticket-issuing printers to inkjet colour printers for large, fancy invoices;


- Counterfeit detectors, scanning banknotes to check their authenticity, are an interesting addition to an Epos system.

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