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What are the main accessories and peripherals of touchscreen POS systems?

Several peripherals can be connected to a POS system. A cash drawer, for instance, is a necessary add-on. Many different models of these are available, of various sizes, using different opening mechanisms, and a certain number of compartments. Note that integrated tills as well as some Point of Sale systems include cash drawers out of the box.

Depending on the nature of your business, you may also need a scale. Some are electronic, others are touchscreen scales, they may or may not have check weighers... 

It’s also possible to connect other peripherals to the till: a touchscreen, a thermal printer to print receipts, a credit card machine, a barcode scanner, a pole display which may display advertising, CCTV monitoring system, product identification scanner, portable inventory scanners, etc.

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What are the accessories of a touchscreen POS system?