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How to connect a PDQ machine and a Point of Sale (POS) system?

The PDQ machine (Process Data Quickly machine, usually simply referred to as a “credit card machine”) allows users to:

  • Read credit card data,
  • Register transactions,
  • Communicate with a remote server, either through the GPRS network or through the internet.


Integrated PDQ machines are integrated within the till, and some other models are standalone PDQ machines. Some standalone PDQ machines are wireless, others need to be physically connected with the Point of Sale System (POS) payment terminal. The majority of models require an internet modem or a phone line and a power outlet to operate. 

Most providers offer installation and setup of the PDQ machine by a technician who comes and connects it with your POS or till so that you don’t need to worry about a thing. If there’s a problem, when the card reader needs to be fixed, the trader may always manually credit the shop’s bank account.


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