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How to optimise fuel consumption monitoring thanks to company vehicle tracking systems?

Vehicle tracking systems using GPS technology do not only make it possible to track vehicles themselves. They also make it possible to retrieve very useful data which can be used to optimise the monitoring of expenses related to company vehicle operations.

Vehicle tracking systems include on-board computer programs which allow businesses to monitor fuel consumption. Vehicle tracking software packages represent a valuable tool for fleet management, as they transmit data related to each vehicle in real time: mileage, journey, filling stations visited, driving behaviour and fuel consumption.

CAN bus data (which mean all the information related to the vehicle, including fuel consumption) is transmitted in real time by the software solution to the operating system. The monitoring is accurate to within half a litre consumed. It is therefore very easy to calculate the fuel consumption of each vehicle per day. The number of litres consumed, the calculation of a standard consumption figure and the review of real-life differences make detailed analysis for every single vehicle in the fleet a concrete possibility.
Therefore, significant deviations from standard figures, abnormal consumption patterns can be detected as soon as possible, so that corrective actions can be initiated such as servicing, or in the longer term, the development of incentives to a more flexible driving style with "eco-friendly" driving training.

For businesses, using vehicle tracking systems to monitor fuel consumption also help identifying misuse and fraud, which unfortunately may still happen. Finally, this real-time monitoring data allows accounting teams to perform invoicing checks with great precision.

Vehicle tracking systems are valuable management tools for any businesses with vehicle fleets.
This is particularly true for the road transport business where fuel consumption can represent up to 30% of costs.

Thanks to vehicle tracking systems, it is possible to use the monitoring of fuel consumption to improve the accuracy of cost accounting, and gain even more profitability.

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