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What are the different available car tracking systems?

Systems using GPS (Global Positioning System) satellite positioning technology are the most widely used vehicle tracking systems when company vehicle fleet management is concerned.

Nevertheless, it is always possible to choose different vehicle tracking system technologies which can transmit precise geographical positioning data.

Each technology brings different advantages to vehicle tracking systems.


Systems currently available include:

  • GPS systems. Vehicles or be tracked are equipped with GPS trackers or GPS beacons which connect to the network of GPS satellites to retrieve their positioning. This data can then be transmitted to the supervisor by mobile phone networks. It is the most universal system, which works absolutely anywhere in the world;
  • Mobile telephony networks alone can also form the basis of a vehicle tracking system: positioning is calculated by triangulation, based on the transmission times of the cellular signal from GSM / GPRS or 3G transmitters to the phones. The phone itself can then be used as a GPS tracker, so purchasing specific hardware is not necessary;
  • Wifi networks can also be used as vehicle tracking system, in a more or less similar way to mobile networks, but in more restricted areas (a few hundred meters per Wifi terminal). It is a very economical solution for small spaces;
  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags. These radio tags, very small antennas associated with electronic chips, receive radio signals sent by a transceivers operating within a radius of a few meters. It is an ideal system for locating cargo within storage areas.

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