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Installing a vehicle tracking system, do you need a professional?

When the chosen system requires installation, a professional installs the device. 

Usually, this is a relatively quick process and it is taken care of by the company providing the car vehicle tracking system. 

It can be done using two possible power sources:

  • Cigarette lighter: almost instantaneous connection, possibility of assigning a GPS unit to a driver independently of the vehicle, equipment transfer is simplified.
  • The vehicle’s battery: GPS unit is then assigned to a given vehicle and installation takes a little longer - allow about fifteen minutes per vehicle. Once installed, the GPS unit is very discreet. 

If the vehicle tracking system breaks down, you should get in touch with the after-sales service of the provider which sold it to you, so they can make necessary repairs or replace the equipment. 


Note that most suppliers offer flat-rate maintenance contracts which help customers save on intervention fees. Remember to talk about it when you request a vehicle tracking system quote.

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