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Why choose a GPS system for agricultural vehicles?

Geolocation of agricultural vehicles really does give farming professionals an edge in performance gains and working comfort. 

There are several benefits of GPS for farming activities:

  • First of all, geolocation allows precise identification of plots, regardless of their size and configuration.
  • Satellite guidance also automates vehicle's routing regardless of weather conditions. It is perfectly possible to keep spreading or spraying in rain or fog. As an extra feature for agricultural vehicle assistance, some GPS systems for farming vehicles now offer path guidance systems, using integrated software and lightbar guidance systems. 
  • Such automation of agricultural vehicle fleet management improves yields, by reducing the tilling time of soils and crops. The precise trajectory prevents soil compaction and minimises the risk of wheels going in the wrong place. For operators of agricultural machinery, GPS limits stress and fatigue. Thanks to mileage monitoring and data feedback options, the monitoring of machine maintenance and fuel consumption, vehicle-based performance and yield analysis becomes simple and allows valuable gains in productivity points.
  • The use of GPS systems for agriculture is not limited to vehicles, as units can be used on any piece of farming machinery or equipment. They represent a simple and reliable solution to prevent the loss and theft of equipment, which are so damaging to any agricultural business.


The price of GPS systems for agricultural vehicles and equipment is generally not very high considering all the benefits they bring. Companeo helps farmers and operators choose a GPS system for farming equipment with its online tool, which allows them to receive several quotes and compare them. 

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